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Its been a pretty slow week for data recovery and hard drive watching. There have been a few cool reviews here and there, but no big news to speak of.

On a personal note, I am looking into installing a server rack in my basement. I think this is the dream of most IT guys, its the ultimate computer toy. The obvious problems are the expense and the room it takes up but I think with some smart buying these can be worked around. The ultimate goal would be to have a data server for my home network and some very secure storage. I am also looking for a serial attached SCSI card for the system, though the price of these is prohibitive.

HDDsaver news update.


WD's Raptor Still Stands Alone

Over two years ago Western Digital announced the arrival of the first ever 10,000 RPM serial ATA hard drive, the Raptor. Despite having a capacity of just 37GB, the WD360GD was an immediate hit with performance enthusiasts and high-end system builders. The rotational speed of the drive allowed for fast read/write speeds as well as very quick access times. Within days of its release the industry was buzzing with excitement and people were putting their new Raptor's in RAID 0 arrays for the speed and capacity benefits.



Recovering Data from Flash Memory

The amount and importance of data which is stored on flash memory increases every day. With the price-per-gigabyte dropping it USB flash drives as well as memory cards (CF, SD, xD, etc.) have become a great way to store and transport large amounts of data. With an increased reliance on flash storage, the recovery of data from flash drives has become an important topic as well.


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One facet of data preservation is data recovery, the reclamation of data which would otherwise be lost. This blog is all about protecting, preserving, and if necessary, recovering, the data you have stored.

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Hi, may name is Alpha and I will be your guide today. HDDsaver.com is a web site is dedicated to data recovery. Every computer user, regardless of their system has data that must be stored and due to the inevitability of hard drive failure this data should be protected. One facet of data preservation is data recovery, the reclamation of data which would otherwise be lost.